About Us

Turkon Logistic Group

TURKON LOGISTICS GROUP; The services provided by the Sea Line Service reach more than a hundred harbors in the world. We meet the FCL and LCL needs of the loader with all our equipments. We provide the best designed service to meet the needs of our customers.

TURKON LOGISTICS GROUP; Among the loads, with which it is most interested and experienced, are cranes, vehicles, mining equipments, machinery used for railway and road works, pipelines and all other similar heavy, large and special-attention requiring cargoes. Turkon Logistics provides tugboat service based on high tensile force in the complexly positioned needs of its customers.

TURKON LOGISTICS GROUP; It offers special solutions for large-scale projects. It performs project cargo transportation based on care, attention, expertise and focus. Rightfully, the requests and values are its priorities. Our experience and self-devotion are some of the many benefits, which we offer to Turkon Logistics customers.

TURKON LOGISTICS GROUP; It implements a successful plan to meet inventory turnover requirements. (FIFO - First In First Out) - (LIFO - Last In First Out). Inventory balances and back-order status, tracking status and final delivery status of our stocks are tracked through our warehouse service to check the location of the products.

TURKON LOGISTICS GROUP; It has specialized in 3PL full service. Our cooperation, technology and locations are developed in accordance with the expectations of our customers. The storage capacity, inventory cycles and the final distribution management task provide an opportunity to maximize our productivity. Effective distribution and the logistics operations are performed by our storage services.

TURKON LOGISTICS GROUP; It serves many corporate companies within the borders of Turkey for their internal transportation at world standards. It serves all the needs of our valuable customers with its excellent service performance for domestic partial, lorries, trucks and all kinds of non-gauged loads.

Our company carries out domestic and port linked containers, bulk, pallet, finished – semi finished products and project transportation in the closed and open wagons according to the property of the load.